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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 3Social Cognition Thinking About People How Does the Mind Work Schemas Building Blocks of the MindSchemasmental representation of objects or categories which contain the central features of the object or category as well as assumptions about how the object or category worksRelational schemasfor specific interactions ex a doctor and a patient Schema of an iPodsmall holds songs comes in various coloursProcess is virtually instantaneous and effortless for distinctive objects ex iPodsCategorizationBasic function of schemas is to categorize objects in ways that impose meaning and predictabilitywhen we encounter something we must identify it categorize it before we can behave effectively toward itAutomatic process and effortless Going Beyond the Information GivenWhen we categorize something we assume it possesses characteristics of the schema or most of them even if we cant perceive those characteristics directly Inferring other nonvisible characteristics about the object on the basis of our categorization Can form impressions make decisions quickly and efficiently without having to think hardSelective Information Processing Schemas influence how information is processed can influence whats noticed about an object and influence the interpretation of information lead to assume object possesses particular characteristicsex flower is nicer is youre told its a wildflower rather than a weedFunctionConsequence Description Example Function Categorization Identify the object This man walking out of a hotel is probably a touristFunction Information Assume the object probably possesses the I bet he doesnt live in this gain typical characteristics of the schema city Function Rapid efficient Can decide how to behave toward the object I will ask him if he needs decisions directions Consequence Selective More likely to notice info thats consistent I see that he is carrying a attention with the schema or obviously contradicts it camera and a map Consequence Selective Likely to interpret ambiguous info as He looks a bit confused so interpretationconsistent with the schemas he must be lost
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