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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 8 Conformity Compliance and Obedience DEFINING CONFORMITY COMPLIANCE AND OBEDIENCEConformityany change in behaviour caused by another person or groupacted in some way cause the individual was influenced by others doesnt refer to effect on attitudes beliefs etcCompliancechange in behaviour that is requested by another person or groupit was possible to refusedecline ex put up sign on lawn for NDP cause asked to by party officialObediencechange in behaviour that is ordered by another person or groupfailing to obey wasnt an option ex kid cleaning up their room because ordered by parentsWhy Do We ConformConforming behaviour occurs for two principal reasons y Informational influenceinfluence from other people thats motivated by a desire to be correct and obtain accurate informationrely on others as a source of info trust others judgments ex other knows more driver altering behaviour to conform to suggestions from instructor person unsure about the answer trusting audience on price is right to win y Normative influenceinfluence from other people that is motivated by a desire to gain rewards or avoid punishmentmight not think others judgments are correct but simply want to be likedavoid conflict ex drive speed limit but want to go faster CONFORMITY DOING AS OTHERS DO Sherifs Autokinetic Effect StudiesSocial normrule or guideline in a group or culture about what behaviours are proper and improperreward for following often acceptance or approval they govern our lives The Autokinetic EffectAutokinetic effectin a darkened room a stationary point of light will appear to move periodicallypartly because no other visual frame of reference available to locate the lightSherif did a study seeing how a group of men changed their opinion of how far the light moved when alone to when with others alone there were many differences between observations together their estimates were close to one anotherestablished a group normMultigenerational NormGroup norms are spontaneously established and carry over into individual judgments Ex norm that servers should be given tips is common in our society not all societies though Aschs Length Judgment Studies People choose the wrong matching length because others before them did so conforming
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