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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 textbook notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 13: Relationships Attraction Propinquity Dyadic relationships: relationships that develop between two people o The 1 close dyadic relationship is the one formed between an infant and a primary caregiver (mother) Research on interpersonal attraction shows that birds of a feather flock together; i.e. similar people like each other Propinquity: nearness or proximity in physical space, which creates the opportunity to meet another person o Physical propinquity seems to play major role in attraction and interpersonal communication Likelihood of meeting people depends on spatial ecology The group found that closer neighbours were closer friends and that the people that were next to the stairs had the most friends. Functional distance Both liking and disliking can be associated with close proximity Similarity Attitude-similarity effect most attractive when people are similar Students found strangers that had similar attitudes as themselves more attractive Repulsion hypothesis- others are less attractive if dissimilar Self-disclosure: when people reveal info about their personal life and experiences Satisfaction with the friendship was positively correlated both with how much respondents self-disclosed to the friend and how much the friend self-disclosed to respondents Opener scale- measures individual differences in peoples ability to get other people to open up The high disclosers were willing to reveal intimate personal info to anyone but the low disclosers were more comfortable revealing intimate personal details to partners who had good rather than poor opener abilities Facial beauty Attractive males: prominent cheek bones a large chin, wide smile, non deviated eye height Attractive females: large eyes, small nose and chin, prominent, high eyebrows, large pupils, and large smile www.notesolution.com
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