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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Eating DisordersThere are three specific types of eating disorders y Anorexia nervosapursuit of thinness that leads people to starve themselves y Bulimia nervosacycle of bingeing followed by extreme behaviours to prevent weight gain ex selfinduced vomitingPrincess Diana suffered from this y Bingeeating disorderregularly binge but dont engage in behaviours to purge the foodThose suffering from eating disorders more women than men mostly suffer from body dissatisfaction mainly bad selfesteemthere are high rates of depression and substance abuse ANOREXIA NERVOSAThese people starve themselves subsisting on little or no food for very long periods of time yet they remain sure that they still need to lose more weightDiagnosis Prevalence and Prognosis of Anorexia Nervosa Diagnosis requires person refuses to maintain a body weight thats healthy and normal for this age and height weight at least 15 below minimum healthy weight for their agegenderWeight loss causes women to stop having menstrual periods condition called amenorrheaIntense fears of becoming fat distorted images of their bodybelieve theyre goodworthwhile only when they have complete control over their eating and when theyre losing weightThese people are chronically fatigued yet exercise excessively and keep a gruelling schedule White women somewhat more likely then black women to develop the disorderusually begins in adolescence for people bw 15 and 19Common consequences of anorexiahigh suicide rates heart problemsincluding bradycardia extreme slowing of heart rate arrhythmia irregular beat and heart failurealso acute expansion of the stomach to point of rupturing kidney damage low bone strength Types of Anorexia Nervosa Restricting type of anorexia nervosasimply refuse to eat as a way of preventing weight gainattempt to go for days on no food or very small amounts each dayhave deeper feelings of mistrust of others and tendency to deny they have a problem then the bingepurge typeBingepurge type of anorexia nervosaperiodically engage in bingeing or purging behaviours if eats even small amount of food feels as those theyve binged and will purge this fooddifferent from bulimia cause they remain at least 15 below healthy weight and usually develop amenorrhea bulimics dont develop amenorrhea are usually normalbit overweightmore likely to have problems with unstable moods and impulse control alcohol drugs etc SUMMING UPAnorexia nervosa is characterized by selfstarvation a distorted body image intense fears of becoming fat and amenorrheaThe lifetime prevalence of anorexia is about 1 with 9095 of cases being female
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