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Chapter 9

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Michael J.Dewar

Chapter 9 Hearingbasics of sound pure notetone with a single frequency frequency number of cycles per second physical property of soundmeasured in Hz hertzour perception of frequency is pitch our sensory experience of sound amplitude intensity of sound measured in dB decibelsour perception of amplitude is loudness fundamentalbasic frequency of sound ie 30Hzharmonicsthe multiple of basic frequency 60Hz 90Hz 120Hz etctimbrecharacteristic sound quality of instrument Fourier analysismathematical process through which any complex sound can be decomposed into a sum of sine waves auditory system detects rapid changes in sound intensity measured in dB and frequency measured in Hztransductionconversion of one form of energy into anotherauditory system transforms kinetic energy into sound parts of the ear1 external ear part of the ear that we see collect the sound waves consists of1 pinnathe external part of the ear hills and valleys of pinna transform the character of sound waves that reach the inner ear some frequencies of sound are enhanced others are suppressed ie in humans hills and valleys increase the reception of sounds between 2000 Hz and 5000 Hz frequency important for speech perception2 ear canalcanal that leads to the eardrum shape physically transforms sound energies2 middle ear
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