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Chapter 7

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Ross Hetherington

Chapter 7 Anxiety Disordersanxietya mood state characterized by strong negative emotion and bodily symptoms of tension in which the child apprehensively anticipates future danger or misfortuneoften goes unnoticed due to fearanxiety being normal in development thought to fade with age invisible nature of symptoms ie knot in stomach and not as damaging to peoplepropertychronic course half affected 8 years or longerDescription of Anxiety Disordersmany suffer more than one typeeither simultaneously or at separate times during developmentneurotic paradoxpattern of selfdefeating behaviour in which child feels afraid of something they know they shouldnt be afraid of selfperpetruatingflightflight responseResponse expressed as 3 systemsoPhysical sympathetic responseChemical E NE cardiovascular respiratory sweat gland etcoCognitiveImmediate search for potential threat If cant find danger then something must be wrong with me OR distort situationsubjective feelings of apprehension nervousness difficulty concentrating panicoBehaviourAggression desire to escapeAvoidance perpetrates anxiety due temporary relief which acts as negative reinforcementanxiety vs fear and panicofearimmediate alarm reaction to current danger or lifethreatening emergenciespresentoriented whereas anxiety is futureorientedpsychological and biological reaction differentopanicgroup of physical symptoms of the fightflight response that unexpectedly occur in the absence of any obvious threat or dangerfear and anxiety normalomost common separation anxiety test anxiety overconcern about competence excessive need for reassurance and anxiety about harm to parentomore in younger childrenogirls more anxious but symptoms similar between sexesostable traitdisposition to be anxious may remain stable over timechildren with anxiety dont worry more than normal worry more intensely1
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