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RLG100Y1 Chapter all: Lecture on Christianity-October 21st

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David Perley

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October 21st
- 2 billion Christians today: majority in US, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China,
Germany, Philippines, UK, Italy
- a lot of text and written document
- very little about Jesus ± historically ± life (childhood)
o know a lot of what people believe
o most come from Christian Bible ± ³1HZ7HVWDPHQW´
o Christian Scriptures
- Jesus was born a Jew before 4 BCE
o Preacher/Minister
o Executed by Romans
o May have been born into a carpentry family
o From scripture (Gospels) he had siblings (6?) ± may have been cousins
- Period before Jesus = conflict in Jewish community
o Palestine and Judea = Roman Control
o QUESTION Æ How to deal with Roman occupation?
Assimilation OR Revolt (zealots) ± sense of doom
x Attempts to overthrow Rome = UNSUCCESSFUL (chaos)
- Broad expectation of savior/messiah Æ come deliver Jews out of troubles
o Savior ± descendent of the house of David
o Spiritual and political Leader
o Renew faith and lead it in the right spiritual direction
o No divinity, not a prophet, more like a leader revitalizing tradition
o Perspective
o Ethical teachings of John the Baptist -HVXV¶,QIOXHQFH
o Entrance into kingdom of god: based on moral actions (e.g. prepare to god
± refining moral sense)
Sense of urgency ± no time, moral actions NOW
Distinguish from community:
- Emphasis ± Jesus believe the end of the world would occur in his time
o Sensed that emphasis should be focused on quality of moral action and
less of legal actions (Sabbath?)
o Contact with holy spirit (no restrictions) ± IMPORTANT
- spontaneous engagement with moment
Sources of Revitalizing:
- Gospels ± Mark, Matthew, Luke, John (4 narrative accounts on life/death of
Jesus and reflection of the community

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