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Nov 46SMC103Y1Chapter 12 Pages 242262Making a new mapththThe Age of Explorationwhat historians call the 15 through 17 centuriesThey looked for new methods of transportationthey took to the waterContact with foreign lands were a boon to Europeansbrought new foods goodsrevenueFor the peoples discovered it was another storybrought about beginning of slaveryEuropeans did not think they were doing anything wrongIn their view Africa and America had no culture as they were not centered on what Europeans considered to be the most important elements of civilization ChristianityFighting the Good Fight The JesuitsJesuits were founded by Ignatius of Loyola 14911556 a man born of high statureIn 1517 he entered the military and suffered a terrible leg woundDuring recovery he began reading stories about Christ and saints that changed his lifeHe left his past life and became devoted to serving ChristHe was unsure of what his path should behe went to Israel and studied priesthoodSoon a group of followers formed around him they formed a new religious groupHe led them through series of meditations called Spiritual Exercise designed as a way to help people learn to follow Gods willThey travelled to Rome to ask for Pope Paul IIIs blessingthey received it and moreWhen ordained them they took monks vowsone more swore absolute obedience to the popeThey got their chance to put their vows to practice in EuropeBC Europe was divided there was plenty to do for Catholics dedicated to protecting the faithIgnatius thought people were drawn to Protestantism not because the Churchs teachings were flawe
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