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Jennifer Harris

Her Voice a Bullet 292012 102300 PM y imaginary propaganda ad legendary broadcasters WWII y Tokyo Rosepower of radio to sway wartime emotions major theme in movie y Theater owners promoting it by exploiting recent events though plot fantasy y Planting editorials about capture of Iva Toguri who broad cast for Radio Tokyo and id by popular press as Tokyo Rose y Arranging radio interviews about danger woman exerted during war attempts to promote film as timely publicist distorting history equating filmic persons and events with actual y Infects whole story of Axis radio propaganda confusion of real and imaginary y Listeners commonly mishear misremember and invent content attributed to enemy announcersimaginary propaganda y Repeat stories about what they believed belief in imaginary spread beyond radio propagandas actual audiencewartime legendsy Lord Haw Haw and Axis Sally Tokyo Rose yy WWII psychological weapon medium main difference between this war and las y Axis vs Allied broadcast to bolster homefront unity engage in war of words to weaken enemy will y POW messages slanted news stories commentaries on strikes pop music y Allied in Britain US begam reporting hearting taunts threats and predictions never broadcast by German and Japanese aft first nature of content undetected but monitoring by BBC and Princeton Listening Post and FBISpurported propaganda apocryphal y Imagined words more dangerous than those actually broadcasty Tokyo Rose in American soldiers letter reminiscences documentsy Sexual taunts and astonishing intelligence gathering powers rumor that Rose welcome American units to Pacific and identify them by unit and location y Speculate direct line to Japanese military intelligence predict attack by Jap forcesAmerican listeners prepare for worst
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