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Steve Hoselton

Chapter 8 Reviewing the Reviews: Laws of Media and the Critics  Bad reviews do not necessarily contain negative comments  Bad reviews inevitably result from cursory reading, often coupled with a resentful reaction to the “spectre” of Marshall McLuhan’s authorship  “Marshall McLuhan has been described as a genius who influenced our understanding of communication.” – Bob Spence  When a comment is expected, a tetrad tested or implemented, you find a detached skepticism, a fear of flying that leads to pathetically ironic dismissals or to plain nonsense  Louis Dudek: “McLuhan prevented people from discussing relevant questions and encouraged young people to think badly.”  Christopher Dornan:” Communications studies retain the fundamental concern with the role of the media in the maintenance of the social order but not in the loopy sense conceived by McLuhan.” In Between Mechanical and Electrical Ages - This is still a historical period of cultural in
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