Borg & Wright Reading - chapter 1 summary

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Reid Locklin

Seeing Jesus: Sources, Lens, Method  Common -> sources as New Testament, gospels as historical narratives based on eyewitness testimony, collect together into whole  Only Son of God, born of Virgin Mary, to die for sins of world, message of importance of belief and eternal life at sake  Central elements not as historical Jesus but product of early Christian movement  Nature of gospels  1) as developing tradition  develop after death of Jesus, need to adapt traditions to new settings and issues and early Chrsitans move through time and space  experience of living Chrsit shape perceptions of ultimate id and significance  2) history remembered and metaphorized  symbol and story to express meaning  light of world = see as light of world  Jesus feeding 5000… to see Jesus like Moses, too see him as bread of life, sent from God to feed us in journey from bondage of life to presence of God  Report and metaphor  Jesus as human figure of past(Nazareth) and divine figure of present, risen living  Pre-Easter Jesus: during historical lifetime, Jewish, flesh and figure dead and gone  Post-Easter: what he became after death, tradition and experience (canon and what followers said of him, respectively)  We undermine Jesus as figure of history… risk losing both if fail to distinguish between 2, if distinguish, get both (i.e. danger of seeing jesus as divine figure that used to exist, not now, by thinking about humanity)  Lenses  Gospels  Ancient Judaism (Jewish figure teaching and acting within Judaism)  Interdisciplinary study of Jesus and Xian origins, social world of Jesus  Cross=cultural study of religion  Macrolens; worldview  Religious: this and more than this… sacred  Secular: this visible world of ordinary experience (modernity dominated)  Worldview affects modern study of Jesus, secular interferes with religious… unconscious  Method: early layers and context 
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