Borg & Wright Reading - chapter 2 summary

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

Knowing Jesus: Faith and History  history and faith  Dead Sea Scrolls and pseudepigrapha… as Jewish tracts using language of symbol and myth to stake positions in wordly political history  Materials don’t split history and faith  History is matter of looking through spectacles… need to be aware own spectacles distort picture  Allowing suspicion to play proper role  Bring together worlds of history and faith, recognize others did too including 1E Jews  Lenses of myth and eschatology  History lusts after evidence… use available materials and covet more  3 level stage development  shaping of preliterary oral traditions  collecting of oral traditions into literary sources  collecting and editing literary sources into polished gospels  theres are dozens of different proposals of how to analyze forms of early tradition  at least 2 widely held and mutually incompatible theories of literary sources of synoptic gospels -> majority believe Mark written first and that Mthw and Lk overlap but not with Mark (Q) -> minority claim to distinguish diff stages in dev of Q; many others offer radicaly diff explanations of Q origin or (like Borg) regard such further theories as at best unprovable  minority hold Mthw written first and used by both Mark and Lk, so Q never exist, several agree with majority on Marcan priority agree with minority that overlap bwn non-Mark passages in Mthw and Luke better explained by Luke’s use of Mthw than by common source  mutually incompatible theories about why, where, when synoptics came to final form, no agreement  no agreement of how tradition dev in major stages  Q theory birth as part of conservative response to radical 19CE skepticism  Marcan priority sometimes used to affirm early church preserved memoery of Jesus’s career  Matthean priority sometimes as ensuring authencity of sayings (parables) which might otherwise be susprct as occurring only in
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