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 in the mountains of the SW US, changes in plant communities with elevation result in distinct patterns  19 century C.C. Hart Merriameferred to these distinct belts of veget. as life zlife zones  5 broad zones (low to high elevations, south to north) 1. Lower Sonoran zone o saguaro cactus, small desert trees (ex. paloverde, mesquite), annual and perennial herbs, small succulent cacti 2. Upper Sonoran zone o agave and grasses o oaks towards the upper edge 3. Transition zone o large trees (ex. ponderosa pine) 4. Canadian/Hudsonian zone o trees (ex. spruce, fir) 5. Alpine/Arctic-Alpine zone o bushes, willows, herbs, lichens Interactions between Climate and Bedrock  climate affects the distribution of plants and animals indirectly by influencing the development of soil  the characteristics of soil determine its ability to hold water and make minerals available to plants  soil is the layer of chemically and biologically altered material that overlies rock or other unaltered material at the surface of the earth  includes minerals derived from the parent material, modified minerals formed additionally, organic material contributed by plants, air and water within the pores, living roots of plants
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