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Chapter Nationality and Why do We Sacrifice Our Lives Podcasts

VIC136H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Nationality and Why do We Sacrifice Our Lives Podcasts: Nationstates

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Ivan Kalmar
Nationality and Why do We Sacrifice Our Lives Podcasts

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Podcast: Why do people sacrifice their lives?
Sacrifice — what does it mean?
Military death means giving up something and someone you love for something
greater, the world that you really want to keep
The idea of loving your country so much that you died for it
You know when you join the military that you could die, there will be casualties
Commanders feel the moral obligation to keep their soldiers alive, feel like they’ve
failed if many have died but at the end of the day, they have an objective and all the
soldiers were aware of it and its dangers and this happens
Casualties are inevitable but the human pain that comes from them can not be
Philadelphia — “city of brotherly love”
The ideas and motives about sacrifice — the unspoken secret of the National Group
is that it demands blood sacrifice for the group, the group kills its own members
Sacrifice is something we offer in religious traditions but in national traditions, it’s
offering to the nations
Soldiers offer themselves to the nation
The nation, at the same time, makes a sacrifice by offering its people who make it up
The best way for cynical leaders to stay in power is to convince the population that
there is a serious threat to the group that only they can solve with their lives
The notion of self-sacrifice is difficult as the seriousness depends on where you
Some people like ISIS believe that they are sacrificing themselves for Allah and what
he wants, thinks it is the greatest action they can do (suicide bombing)
Some say suicide bombers and some say martyrs and celebrate them
During WWI, the Victorian notion of supreme sacrifice became a cliche for what the
men who had died had done — a very serious misunderstanding of sacrifice
It is a religious concept and the idea is not forgoing something for the sake of
something else but it is demonstrating your love for God by doing something
This is putting sacrifice in a very secular context
Complicated word for this context because very few of those men who had died
wanted to die so in that sense, there is no sacrifice
When somebody dies in war, the family and the nation wishes to give meaning to the
loss and therefore that life is being given willingly makes sense
“May God be on our side”
Death is very normalized now, the military experience is so much more isolated and
disconnected from everyday life
Podcast: Nationality
Citizenship is a right of passage, confers rights, acknowledges responsibilities
By definition, nationality is having citizenship within a particular nation, it is an honour
Germans and Serbians talk about nationality like state membership but some say
that nationality and citizenship are different and separate
Nationality is a feeling of belonging
People move and gain nationality of countries where they reside and feel
comfortable living in, whether they are there for university, work, refugee status, etc.
In many ways, your nationality at birth is becoming less and less important
A national anthem can mean so much to a person, brings a patriot feeling
People represent their countries at the Olympics, try to make the nation proud
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