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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Think dealing with salespeople 2013-02-11 8:07 AM 1) LO1: • Sales promotion: marketing activities other than advertising, personal selling, and public relations that stimulate consumer buying and dealer effectiveness • All methods are focused on one thing: immediate buying! • Comparing advertising and sales: o Advertising à reason to buy o Sales promotion à incentive to buy • Comparing consumer and trade sales promotions: o Consumer sales promotion à consume rmarket o Trade sales promotion à marketing channel o Goal: drive immediate purchase, influence behaviour • Sales promotion has to be motivational • See table: objective of sales promotion 2) LO2: • Tools for consumer sales promotion: o Coupons and rebates o Premiums § Giving away glasses, teddy bears, or exclusive offers on the back of cereal boxes, etc o Loyalty marketing programs § AirMiles card, HBC Rewards card o Contests and sweepstakes § Ex: Roll up the rim o Sampling § Costco food § Methods of sampling: direct mail, door to door delivery, packaging with another product (popular these days), retail store demonstration o Point-of-purchase promotion § Promotion in the store ú Build traffic ú Advertise the product ú Induce impulse buying (important for people!) o Online sales promotion § Promotion online 3) LO3: • Trade Sales Promotion: o Trade allowances o Push money o Training o Free merchandise o Store demonstration o Conventions and trade shows 4) LO4: • Personal selling: o Detailed explanation or demonstration o Variable sales message o Directed at qualified prospects o Controllable adjustable selling costs o Effective at obtaining sale and gaining customer satisfaction • See table comparing personal selling and advertising/sales promotion • With automobiles, personal selling is still very effective 5) LO
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