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Chapter 1

Psychology 46-224 Chapter 1: Adolescence – Chapter 1 – Introduction

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Scott Mattson

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ADOLESCENCECHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONPubertybiological changes involved in reaching sexual and physical maturityEmerging adulthood is a new ideaway to think about this age periodResilience ability of children and adolescence who are at risk for problems to avoid falling prey to those risksADOLESCENCE IN WESTERN CULTURES A BRIEF HISTORY 15001890Lifecycle servicesMove out of family house into the house of a master for approx 7 yearsWomen less likely then men to goif they did they were a servant in a familyththFaded in the 18 and 19 centuries Instead less farming and more industrialized left small towns in late teens to growing citiesYoung people regarded as social problemAge of Adolescence 18901920Adolescent started becoming a widely used term Were before called youth or young men and women 18901920 crucial years in establishing the characteristic of modern adolescenceStates passed laws requiring attendance for primary and secondary school School rates went from 5 to 30oThis change contributed to making this time the age of adolescence because it marked a more distinct separation bw adolescence as a period of continued schooling and adulthood as a period that begins after schooling is finished Young people refers to adolescenc
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