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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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November 14, 2013 Introduction to Skeletal System & Surface Landmarks of Skull Pg. 148-165, 178 The Skull - Skull: the body’s most complex bony structure o Formed by cranial and facial bones o Cranial bones = cranium : enclose and protect the brain and provide attachment sites for some head and neck muscles o Facial bones:  (1) form the framework of the face  (2) form cavities for the sense organs of sight, taste, and smell  (3) provide openings for the passage of air and food  (4) hold the teeth  (5) anchor the muscles of the face o Most skull bones are flat and firmly united by interlocking, immovable joints called sutures  Coronal: running in the coronal plane, occurs anteriorly where the parietal bones meet the frontal bone  Sagittal: occurs where the right and left parietal bones meet superiorly in the midline of the cranium  Squamous: occurs where each parietal bone meets a temporal bone inferiorly, on each lateral aspect of skull  Lambdoid: occurs where parietal bones meet the occipital bone posteriorly o Brain fits snugly into 3 cranial fossae: prominent bony ridges divide the cranial base  Anterior, middle and posterior Bone Comments Important Markings Cranial Bones (Neurocranium) Parietal (2) Forms most of the superior and lateral aspects of the skull Frontal (1) Forms the forehead, Supraorbital foamina (notches): superior part of orbits, allow the supraorbital arteries and and most of the anterior nerves to pass cranial fossa; contains sinuses Occipital (1) Forms posterior aspect Occipital condyles: articulate with and most of the base of the atlas (first vertebra) the skull External occipital protuberance and nuchal lines: sites of muscle attachment Temporal (2) Forms inferolateral Mastoid process: attachment site aspects of the skull and for severa
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