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Chapter 9

Biology 1201A Chapter 9: Meiosis

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Biology 1201A
Richard Gardiner

Chapter 9- Genetic Recombination 1 9.1 Mechanism of Genetic Recombination: 1. Two molecules of DNAw/ similar sequence are brought into close proximity. 2. Enzymes nick DNAbackbones, exchange ends, and reattach them. 3. Result: recombined DNAmolecules • homologous: similar 9.2 Genetic Recombination in Bacteria: a) in E-coli: • minimal medium: growth medium containing minimal ingredients that enable a non-mutant organism to grow • clones: individual genetically identical to an original cell from which it descended cell divides many times to form colony • • prototrophs: strains able to synthesize necessary amino acids • auxotrophs: strains unable to synthesize necessary amino acids b) bacterial conjunction brings DNAof 2 cells into close proximity: diploid cells exchange of segments b/w pairs of chromosomes • • conjugation: copy of part of DNAof one cell moves through cytoplasmic bridge into another cell, by sex pilus 1. F-factor: carries genes that permits copy to be passed onto each daughter cell - F+ cell: donor cell - F- cell: recipient cell
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