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Business Administration
Business Administration 1220E

Nicole Wallenburg Business thSept 20 2011 Business 1220 Chapter 3 NotesStatement of Cash Flows Identifies the specific activities that provided or consumed cash during a specific period of time The statement can be looked at like a link between two balance sheets PurposeReveals how cash has been generated and used by a company over a specified period of time usually one yearAnswers specific questions concerning the activities of a business that are not readily apparent from the balance sheet and statement of earningsAnswers these questions o What were the major sources of cash for the business o How much cash if any did the firms generate from operations o How was the generated cash used o How can profitable business be running low on cash Preparation of the Statement Three categories are classified within the statement of cash flows 1 Operations a Describes how normal daytoday business operations have affected the flow of cash 2 Financing Activities a Summarizes the changes in the size and composition do the capital structure both debit and equity on the cash flow of t
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