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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Summarized

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Western University
Chemistry 1027A/B
Paul Ragogna

S_W_ O X`W^_`aV ZY` _`[\ US_`aVWZ`c TWW\WU`WV`[TWSTW`[ W_U^ TW`W`^WW_`S`W_[XS``W^S`S[WUaS^WbW ^ `W`WS`WS` USW\^W__ [Z_X[^[W_SZVS^W__!Sc SZVS\\`W_WSc_`[\^[TW_ Zb[b ZY\^W__a^Wb[aWSZV `W\W^S`a^W _W`W VWSYS_W]aS` [Z`[VW^ bWYS_\^W__a^Wb[aW[^ `W\W^S`a^WY bWZ`W]aSZ` ` W_X[^`W^WS Z ZY`W^_ 'Z`^[VaU` [Z O |S_ _[ZW[X`W`^WW\^ ZU \S_`S`W_[XS``W^ O 'Z` _`[\ U`WTS_ U\^[\W^` W_[XYS_W_S^W ZbW_` YS`WVSZV`W VWbW[\WZ`[X`W VWSYS_Sc _V _Ua__WV Z`_ O WX[[c ZY'aZ `_[XWS_a^WWZ`c TWa_WV O ^W__a^W) [^UW\W^^WS) ) S- S_US. O S^) S)1 S O S`[_\W^W-S`.)1 S 2[c[`W^WW`S`W_[X S``W^ XXW^4 O W`^WW_`S`W_[XS``W^_`aV WV ZUW _`^S^W_[ V ]a VSZVYS_ O W\WZV ZY[Z`WU[ZV ` [Z_SZ_aT_`SZUWUSZW _` ZSZ`^WW[X`W_W _`S`W_ [V_ O `_[W`W\W^S`a^WWbW^_aT_`SZUWc X[^S_[ V O `[_ [WUaW_[^ [Z_S^W[U1WV Z`[SX WV\[_ ` [Z^WS` bW`[[`W^_ Z `W_aT_`SZUW-5S`` UW6. O W_`^WZY`[X`W_W Z`W^SU` [Z_VW`W^ ZW_`WW` ZY\[ Z`[X`W_[ V Z S\^WV U`STWSZV[Tb [a_cS O `[aYS`[_[^[WUaW_ ZS_[ VS^WZ[`[b ZY^WS` bW`[WSU[`W^ `WScS_\[__W__b T^S` [ZSWZW^Y O `_[W\[ Z``WSYZ `aVW[X`W_Wb T^S` [ZS[VW_[bW^U[W_`W S``^SU` bWX[^UW_SZV`WS`[_[^[WUaW_c [_W`W ^X WV\[_ ` [Z_ SZVTWU[WS ]a V ]aV_ O 'Z ]a V_`WS``^SU` [ZTW`cWWZ`WS`[_[^[WUaW__` 1WW_`W `[aU ZYS`[aY`W_\WU W_S^WX^WW`[[bWST[a`c ` ZS_WS[X`W ^ \S^`ZW^_ O `[aY`WS`[_SZV[WUaW_ Z ]a V__` `[aU[ZWSZ[`W^WSU[ZW `S1W_a\S ``W[^Wb[aWS_S ]a V`SZS_S_[ VVaW`[`W ZU^WS_W [` [Z O W_[ V_`S`W[XS_aT_`SZUW _VWZ_W^`SZ `_U[^^W_\[ZV ZY ]a VSZV`W _[ VX[^c _ Z1 Z `_[cZ ]a VcWZ`WS^WS``W_SW`W\W^S`a^W -WUaV ZYcS`W^. |S_W_ O `S YWZ[aY`W\W^S`a^W`WX[^UW_`S`[VS`[_SZV[WUaW_ `[YW`W^S^WU[\W`W[bW^U[WSZV`WS`[_[^[WUaW_S^WSTW`[ W_US\W`W ^\S^`ZW^_Y^ \ O SUS`[[^[WUaWS_SaU[^W_ YZ X USZ``^SZ_S` [ZSWZW^Y O WU[ _ [Z_[XYS_W[a_\S^` UW_c ``WcS_[X`WU[Z`S ZW^S^W`W 5\^W__a^W[X`WYS_6 O W^WS` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ`WS[aZ`[XYS_- Z[W_.`W`W\W^S`a^W[X `WYS_SZV`Wb[aW[X`WU[Z`S ZW^ Zc U ` _U[Z`S ZWVSZV`W \^W__a^W _S\\^[ S`WVT`WVWSYS_Sc 2[cS_`W'VWS|S_!ScWbW[\WV4 O [^`W VWSYS_Sc`WT[aZVS^ W_S^W W\^W__a^W _Z[``[[ Y W`W\W^S`a^W _Z[`U[_W`[`WU[ZVWZ_S` [Z`W\W^S`a^W WS`[_[^[WUaW_[X`WYS_SbWZ[b[aW WS`[_[^[WUaW_[X`WYS_V[Z[` Z`W^SU`c `WSU[`W^ O ZVW^`W_WU[ZV ` [Z_8`WX[[c ZYW _`_ O _^WS` [Z_ \ _USWV`W VWSYS_W]aS` [ZSZVcS_VW^ bWVX^[`^WW cW1Z[cZSc_ ZUW _`^[W_!ScS^W__!ScSZVb[YSV^[_ !Sc [W _Sc O [WW_`ST _WV`W ZbW^_W^WS` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ`W\^W__a^W[XYS_SZV `Wb[aW `[UUa\ WVS_VW_U^ TWV O [^SX WVS[aZ`[XYS_S`SU[Z_`SZ``W\W^S`a^W`WYS_b[aW _ ZbW^_W\^[\[^` [ZS`[`WYS_\^W__a^W O _[ZYS_`W`W\W^S`a^W _1W\`U[Z_`SZ``W[W_[X`WYS_S^WX WV `WbSaW[X`WU[Z_`SZ`c Z[`USZYWcWZ\^W__a^WSZVb[aWS^W bS^ WV WU^WS_ ZYb[aW ZU^WS_W_U[ _ [Z_ [`WScS_ S^W_ _Sc a_W9Wb Z_? O S^W_1W\`S\^[\W^` W_[X`WYS_U[Z_`SZ` WUW\`X[^`W\W^S`a^WSZVb[aW O Wb[aW[X`WYS_ ZU^WS_WVS_`W `W\W^S`a^W ZU^WS_WVSZV` _cS_X[aZV`[TW S ZWS^^WS` [Z_ \VW_U^ TWVT O 'X`W`W\W^S`a^W[XS_S\W[XSX WVZaTW^ [X[W_[XYS_-ScS_W\^W__WV Z9. _ V[aTWV`Wb[aW_[aVV[aTW O Wb[aW[XSX WVS[aZ`[XYS_S`U[Z_`SZ` \^W__a^W _V ^WU`\^[\[^` [ZS`[`W9Wb Z-ST_[a`W.`W\W^S`a^W [TZS`[Z[XS^W_[W O W`c[Sc_USZTWU[T ZWV`[[T`S Z`WX[[c ZY^WS` [Z_ \ [^ b[YSV^[ _Sc O [cS` _`WU[Z_`SZ` Z
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