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Chapter 1.1

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Felix Lee

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1.1: Chemistry Review Peak – the top of a wave Frequency (v) – number of times a wave repeats itself in a given amount of time, measured in hertz (Hz) Wavelength ( λ) – the distance from one peak to the next, measured in nanometres (nm), 1nm = 10 m -9 Shorter wavelength = higher energy and higher frequency Longer wavelength = lower energy and low frequency Energy is inversely proportional to the wavelength. Bohr Model – each orbit is quantized (has a certain quantity of energy) - considered electrons as a particle, but it only worked for the emission of hydrogen - didn’t explain the splitting or intensities of emission lines Quantum Mechanical Model – Louis de Broglie Particle-wave Duality – electrons can behave like waves and particles Nodes – where the wave has zero amplitude and there are no electrons in this area Number of nodes = n-1 Principal Quantum Number (n) – indicates the energy level (n = 1, 2, 3… etc.) Azimuthal Quantum Number (l) – indicates the shape of the sublevel (l = 0 to n-1) (l = 0 is an ‘s’ orbital) (l = 1 is a ‘p’ orbital) (l = 2 is a ‘d’ orbital) (l = 3 is a ‘f’ orbital) Magnetic Quantum Number (m l) – indicates the orientation of the orbital (m l= 0 to +/-) Spin Quantum Number (m ) – indicates the spin of an electron in an orbital (m = ½) s s +/- Pauli Exclusion Pri
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