Lesson 10 Textbook Notes

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Greek Mythology
Nemesis - the Goddess of Retribution, it means the act of or the cause of
retribution, payback for offences real or imagined
Greek poet Hesoid tells us that the first thing that came into existence was Chaos
and the next was Earth which bore sky. This couple had the Titans, and the
Titans mated and had Dawn, Sun and Moon.
The name Earth (Gaia) gives us words like geology and geometry
The Eolithic Age - the period where man began to use implements fashioned
from stone
Heliotopism - tendency of plants to turn toward the sun
Son of Hypnos (God of Sleep) and brother of Thanatos (God of Death). This God
was thought to able to imitate mortals very well and appears often in our dreams.
It is thought that morphine is named after Morpheus because of the dreams it
Metamorphosis is a change in shape
Amorphous means "without definite form or shape"
Linguists tell us that language has three major elements: morphology, phonology
and syntax (tax- meaning arrange) which together mean the shape or form of
words, their sound and the way in which they arranged to form comprehensible
God of the Rainbow now means the part of our eyes that gives them colour.
Found also in the stem Irid- as in iridologist, a specialist in the study of the iris
Also the name of flowers found in a variety of colours.
Iridescence and iridescent - a rainbow-like refraction of light
Echo, Narcissus and Nemisis
Echo offended Juno, the wife of Jupiter (Chief of the Roman Gods) and was
punished by losing the ability to initiate conversation, she could only repeat the
last words she heard
Narcissus was the son of a river nymph and died because he admired himself
Came from the word astron, Greek for star
In the earliest examples of English, it means "an unfavourable star" and is found
in this meaning in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
Other words using this stem include asteroid (star-shaped formation) and
asterisk (star-shaped character)
Astronomy is the scientific study of any and all objects outside of the Earth's
Astrology is the observation of the position and movements of heavenly bodies
for the purpose of ascertaining and predicting their influence of human affairs
Astronaut is a traveler of outer space
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