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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

NotesGreek Mythology Nemesisthe Goddess of Retribution it means the act of or the cause of retribution payback for offences real or imaginedGreek poet Hesoid tells us that the first thing that came into existence was Chaos and the next was Earth which bore sky This couple had the Titans and the Titans mated and had Dawn Sun and Moon The name Earth Gaia gives us words like geology and geometry The Eolithic Agethe period where man began to use implements fashioned from stoneHeliotopismtendency of plants to turn toward the sun MorpheusSon of Hypnos God of Sleep and brother of Thanatos God of Death This God was thought to able to imitate mortals very well and appears often in our dreams It is thought that morphine is named after Morpheus because of the dreams it inducesMetamorphosis is a change in shapeAmorphous means without definite form or shape Linguists tell us that language has three major elements morphology phonology and syntax tax meaning arrange which together mean the shape or form of words their sound and the way in which they arranged to form comprehensible thoughtsIrisGo
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