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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Notes Ballistics • Ballistae were bigger than catapults but used the same idea • Ballistics is the science of propulsion, flight and impact of projectiles fired from guns. This word comes from the Greek word Ballein meaning "to throw", a word that has many derivatives in our language • Hyperbole is related to ballein, meaning excess or exaggeration. This word also gave rise to hyperbola, a type of curve in geometry • Metabolism is the sum of catabolism and anabolism. • Parabola - a place alongside, a comparison, "para" means "alongside". The Christians used this for proverbs, which is where we get the word parable • Parabole came to mean word and then speech in the Roman empire, which is where the French parler and Italian parlare comes from. We get our word "parole" from this. • From parabole, we also get parlour (a room for conversation), parley (discussion), parlance (a manner of speech), parliament (council of state). • Symbol is from symbole, and from the shortened stem -ble, we have emblem and problem. • Greek verb diabellein means "throw across" came to mean "accuse falsely, slander", and a noun was formed from this verb, diabalos, "one who slanders, an
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