Computer Science 1033A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Johannes Gutenberg

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COMPSCI 1033A Textbook Notes/Summary: Introduction
What is Multimedia?
- Multimedia: amalgamation of multiple media forms used for communication
- Medium: channel through which information is transmitted to a person, group, or wide
- Main sources of media are text, images, animation, audio & video
i. Can be used to communicate various ideas & information either individually or in
any combination
- Communication: used for many purposes … storytelling, advertising, entertainment, etc.
(basically to share information of any sort)
- The GOAL of communication: to clearly convey a message & to achieve this, the
channel/channels of communication must be carefully selected & then created &
presented to best reach the target audience
i. Channel: refers to the way this information flows
- Development of media: few major innovations
i. 1440s: Johannes Gutenberg … quicken the printing of Bibles & other books
(printing press), created a huge impact on the production & distribution of books
& newspapers
ii. 1983: Internet & 1989-1990: World Wide Web (WWW) by Tim Berners-Lee
a. Internet & WWW are 2 different systems
b. Communications were improved so much because of these technologies due
to the fact that messages could be sent anywhere, at any time within seconds
& they could be sent to multiple recipients at the same time (without
c. The Internet & WWW have enhanced media to allow interactive modules &
videos to be streamed live anywhere
- Current technologies are being taken for granted
Conveying the Message
- Communications are used for relaying messages regardless of its purpose
- Messages are usually intended for one individual or a group of people (demographics
should be considered before producing a message) should fit with the theme of said
message & with the intended audience
i. ie: a message directed to children should be short & simple, have bright colors &
include clipart; but a message to university students should use more advanced
- Visual media should be made very clear & include large, easy-to-read text
- Audio-based media for elderly must have clearly recorded sound/voices (words need to
be pronounced slowly) without background noise as it may be difficult for them to
understand & follow along
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