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CHPATER 3  Structuralism: a shift from interpreting a text in order to unveil the hidden meaning to identifying and interrogating the ways in which meaning is brought into being structurally  Semiotics: Ferdinand de Saussure; launching a move from how language develop historically to looking at them as a single moment in time; the life signs of society- can be film, fashion, music, etc.  Humanist: life has inherent worth and dignity must be valued above all else  Moral panic: Stan Cohen; a person or group seems to become a threat to societal values and interests- the rxn to the perceived threat become integral in defining its meaning  Realism: visual things captured; John Berger- three dimensional substance in painting; advertising  Essentialist: the idea that categories or individuals and groups of human beings have an innate defining features exclusive to their category- challenged by social constructivist theories that point to the ways in which identity and meaning are culturally produced  Psychoanalytic theory: a body of ideas that derive from Sigmund Freud – especially in
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