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Week 5 - Marx & Engles Textbook Notes

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English 2200F/G
Matthew Rowlinson

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Week 5 The German IdeologyKarl MarxFriedrich EngelsA book that seeks to prove that economic and social forces shape human consciousness this materialism was meant to displace the idealist view that conversely human consciousness shapes economic and social forces and forms They based their interpretation of reality on dialectical materialism believing that all change results from the constant conflict arising from the oppositions inherent in all ideas movements and events They further argued that the internal tensions and contradictions in capitalism would lead inevitably to its demise Marx and Engels emphasize that we must study real men and women and real processes not what has typically been said or thought by and about them Consciousness is defined by your class Priority of economics the material system we produce actually produces our consciousnessIdeas and conceptions directly related to materialismMen thinking together as a whole defines social materialism Thinking together alters their thoughtsmob mentality
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