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Chapter 5

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Geography 1100

Geography 1100 Nov 6 Structure is the nature and arrangement of landform materials A process refers to all phenomena associated with the shaping of geologic structures and material, it includes endogenous processes such as volcanism and exogenous process , these happen at the surface, they wear away land materials. it is the removal of a hand surface.(erosion, weathering) Stage. Time is involved in stage, sequential changes occur. time is involved but we cant say that it is a number of years of centuries. all we can say about time is that it is a process that operates that causes a sequence of events to occur on that structure. time related but not absolutely time dependent changes. Stage is the amount of word done on that landform. Work results into stage in the structure. Key Terms: -Exogenic occur near the earth surface and lower surfaces. gravity plays a major role. the energy generally being used occurs from the energy from the sun. When you think of erosional processes (wind water) the energy that causes water ...finish this. the energy that lifts this water comes from the sun. -Endogenic happen inside the earth. energy comes from inside the earth. can represent the movement of earth materials. Volcanism, melting of rock to a liquid state. What we see when thinking about earth processes: We might see places like the grand canyon. What are you looking at when you look at the grand canyon? A rock formed by land/water erosion. There are different types of rocks. Some are harder to erode then others. The steepness of the actual escarpment is reflective of what it is made of. Sandstone is more difficult to erode making it vertical. The hermit formation is a lot easier to erode. The earth is very old. A long time has passed for things to happen. Most of earth history would be classed as Precambrian. The period of time where most of the earth formed. Mesozoic- time of the dinosaurs. Cenozoic-age of the mammals Holocene- land of the last ice age anthoroczone- age of humans Geography 1100 Nov 6 Geological Time. CN Tower. Take the height of the CN tower. Compare our life time to the age of the earth(geological time). The skypod is 447 meters above the ground. Your life represents about 0.01 mm less that the thickness of a piece of a paper. Our lifetime is about the same thickness of a piece of paper when comparing it to the height of the CN tower. Not very significant. Sizemic energy can operate in the following ways S waves-Shear (look like a slinky)- travel slower. The rate of speed depends of what it is composed of. p waves- Push/Pull Compressional - travel the fastest Earth Materials aren't all the same, there are minerals, elements etc. We rely on all for different types of resources. Below is an image of substances with different densities. Water has a density of 1.0. Everything is compared to water, making it 1.0. Another mineral is Quartz(2.6) it is 2.6 x denser them water. Quartz would be 2.6 x the density of water. Another common mineral is Olivine (3.3). Next is Iron (8.0) It is 8 times the density of water. Geography 1100 Nov 6 If we made observations from the sizemagraphs places all around the world we may maintain data. The earth is comprised of different things of different depths of the eatrhs surface. What is the inside of the earth like? Something below (earths core) is really hot. If we took the earth apart, what would we see? If we started at the centeew andwored our wau our. We would have an inner core (ssolid iron nickel) In the centre it is really hot the
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