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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Summary and Definitions for Human Geography Text

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Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

Chapter One Introduction to Geography Geography is about earth space and its physical and cultural context Throughout geographys long history it has remained consistently focused on humanenvironmental interactions the interrelatedness of places and the likenesses and differences in physical and cultural content of area that exist from place to place The collective interests of geographers are summarized by the spatial and systems analytical questions they ask The responses to those questions are interpreted through basic concepts of space and place location distance direction content evolution spatial interaction and regional organization in their study of the earths surface as the occupied and altered space in which humans operate geographers may concentrate on the integration of physical and cultural phenomena in a specific earth area regional geography They may instead emphasize systematic geography through the study of the earths physical systems of spatial and human concern or as here devote primary attention to people Human geographys focus is on human interactions both with the physical environments people occupy and alter and with the cultural environments they have created It is also concerned with the ways people perceive the landscapes and regions they occupy act within and between them make choices about them and organizing them according to the varying cultural political and economic interests of human societiesEarth is the physical background to all humans and we must know how our home has been altered by our societies and culturesDefinitions Absolute Directiondirection with respect to cardinal east west north and south reference points Absolute Distancethe shortestpath separation between two places measured on a standard unit of lengths also called real distance Absolute Locationthe exact position of an object or place stated in spatial coordinates of a grid system designed for locational purposes absolute global locations are cited in degrees minutes and seconds Accessibilitythe relative ease with which a destination may be reached from other locatio
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