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Jeffery Vacante

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The company chapter two summary Imperialists and speculators  During the 16 and 17 centuries the emergence of chartered companies became more evident. They were seen as “ the most remarkable business organizations”. Examples are Hudson’s bay, Muscovy, Levant.  Chartered companies represented a combined effort by governments and merchants to grab the riches of the new worlds opened up by columns.  They were recipients of royal charters that gave them the right to trade with this or that part of the world.  Chartered companies drew on two ideas from the middle ages. These were” o Idea of offering shares that can be sold on the open market. (Dates back to the thirteenth century) o Limited liability. Colonization was so risky that the only way to raise large sums of money from investors was to protect them.  First chartered joint company was the Muscovy Company. It was given its charter in 1555. The honorable company  East India Company was more than just a modern company
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