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History 2501E

Public Health in Aztec Society Tenochtitlan very large city densely populated Strong system of public health maintenance Use of human waste as fertilizer privies along all the roads managed disposal service Disposal of the dead via cremation or buried Famine control via state run granaries Focus on native health remedies botanical gardens collection of medicinal plantsRitualistic curing cause supernatural Treatment empirical Hippocratic theory of disease causation classified illness and its treatment into a logical frameworkStates concern with disease control represents preventative aspect of public healthRigid code of morality severe penalties for adultery reduce spread of venereal infectionPersonal hygiene also important bathing considered a cureState of health deteriorated following Spanish conquest small pox typhus etc higher mortality rates and population decline The Flight from MexicoBernal Diaz last survivor of conquerors of Mexico Wrote about the overthrow of a great empire by a company of adventurers He thought success came from miraculous intervention of God and the Saints who wished New Spain to be added to the realm of Christ and Emperor Charles VLarge force allowed sufficient entry to Mexico 1520Cortes wanted to find out the cause of the Mexican revoltrevolted in order to free MontezumaAttack on them by the nativesfrom the rear and from rooftopsthey also forced their way into the Spanish quarters and set them on fire Natives pretended to retreat in order to lure Spanish to follow them thus attacking at less riskNatives threw rocks from roofs Fierce battle and intense fightingCame to the conclusion that they must ask for peace in order to make it out of Mexico aliveCortes decided that the great Montezuma must speak to them from the roof and tell them that attacks must cease since Spanish wished to leave the cityMontezuma did not believe he could do anything to stop the attacks since they had chosen a new lord and made up their minds not to let Spanish leave aliveMontezuma went on the roof and began to request the attacks be stopped Unfortunately the warriors stated that they must continue and a rain of arrows ensued Montezuma was killedMany Spanish died or were wounded while the Mexicans increased in numbersCortes decided that they must leave in the night disaster Spanish hacked their way through swords made of the best metal
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