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Chapter 4

Health Science Chapter 4

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Health Sciences
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Health Sciences 1002A/B
Anita Cramp

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Health Science Chapter 4 Review Characteristics of Income-Health Studies - Absolute poverty: having less than absolute minimum income level based on the cost of basic needs - Relative Poverty: having less than the average standard in society… measured as the proportion of individuals below a certain percentage of median income - Subjective Poverty: individuals feeling that they do not have enough to meet their needs - Indicators used to measure poverty: o Proportion of aggregate income earned by poorest proportion of households o Ratio of income shares earned by the upper 90 percentile to the 10 percentile of households o Multitude for other indices - Drawbacks of indicators o May not reflect annual disposable income o May not take into account shared resources o May not take into account volatility of income o May not take into account the time required to acquire income o May be that depth of poverty, or just how far income falls short of the poverty line, is more important o Duration of poverty is important o Timing of poverty during life cycle and effect on health o May not adequately adjust for other factors which account for the income-health relationship (confounders) Canadian Studies on Income and Health - Income Inequality and Health o Refers to the extent to which income is unequally distributed in a population o Income inequality was defined as percentage of total household income received by the poorest 50 percent of households o Income inequality is associated with poor self-reported health… still a subject of debate o Policies that reduce income inequality may be favourable for public health - Individual Income and Health o Have found a link between income (poverty and duration of poverty) and health o Income associated with low birth weight, injury-related mortality, developmental and psychophysical problems, delinquent behaviour, delayed vocabulary development, obesity, asthma etc. o More stress and related health problems with poorer people What Do Recent Quebec Data Show? - 7.4 million people in quebec - Fewer immigrants, larger proportion of pop without high school diploma, higher unemployment rate, lower dispensable income - Highest proportion of pop living below low-income cut-off (but lower cost of living should be take
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