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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Michael Hua HS 1002A - Class 8 - Tuesday, Oct. 2 Questions on Film “Life Under Mike” • What were the main features of the “Common Sense Revolution”? - Businesses should be allowed to operate unregulated - Government had no responsibility for welfare or for the wellbeing of individuals  Cut social programs and taxes for the rich  Competitive taxes and fewer barriers to economic growth - Scabs were brought in to do workers’ jobs - • What were the effects of neoliberal policies on: • Social assistance rates for the poor? - less welfare/social programs for the poor • Tax rates on corporations? - less taxes • Use of food banks? - Started running out of food - Increased usage - Usually during Christmas and Thanksgiving, when food banks remember the ‘less fortunate’ - Distributed food cards - The need for food is up dramatically, and the donations are going down - Michael Hua • Prosperity of local economies in low-income neighbourhoods? - Decreased because people had to pay the government more, and they weren’t able to support themselves - People doing jobs just to get by • Evictions and applications for subsidized housing? - Everyone slee
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