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Chapter 1

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Western University
Kinesiology 2241A/B
Bob Vigars

Chapter 1 – The Study and Analysis of Human Movement  Biomechanics – area of study in which knowledge and methods of mechanics is applied to the structure and function of the living human system  Knowledge about the growth and structure of the bones, joints, and muscles can be used to determine appropriate or inappropriate movement activities for a variety of age groups  Anthropometrics – area of study concerned with measures of the body’s physical characteristics o Ie. Height, weight and volume o Data from one group (ex. By gender or age) is compared to that of another group  Mechanics – 2 categories: o Static – nonmoving systems o Dynamic – moving systems, 2 categories:  Kinematics – study of time and space factors for moving systems  Kinetics – study of the forces acting on a body that influe
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