MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 7 Summary

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
James O' Brian

MOS 1021 Consumer Behaviour Chapter 7 San Diego Chargers Example Sports marketing is multifacetedinvolves marketing of emotions to connect product to fansCreate meaningful bonds with fans so they becomeremain loyal supportersThe best way to showcase a product is by filling the stadiumhaving strong television audience mass impressionsPreevent buildup with media product tickler game day event marketing product launch ingame promotions postgame publicmedia relationsFocus on building momentumexcitement with mediafans consumersMarketing efforts are mainly directed toward media who relays whats newdifferent etcKeep fans engagedTypes of ProductsProduct good service or idea consisting of a bunch of tangibleintangible attributesNondurable goods items that do not lastare consumer once or a limited number of timesDurable goods products that last for an extended period of timeServices intangible activities benefits or satisfactions offered for sale o Primary servicessupplementary services allow services to differentiate o Supplementary services include information delivery consultation order taking billingpayment options o Canada has a strong servicebased economy services are 70 of GDPToday firms often combine goodsservices to offer a more competitive product to consumersService continuum range from tangible goodsdominant to intangible servicedominantThe Uniqueness of ServicesIntangibility services cant be held touched or seen before purchase o Services are more performance oriented o Marketers must demonstrate benefits of using service through previews or testimonialsInconsistency quality of service is often inconsistent as it depends on people providing it o Quality varies with persons capabilities experience motivationpersonality o Makes developing pricing promotingdelivering services challengingInseparability consumer cannotdoes not separate deliverer of service from service itselfInventory issues arise due to fluctuating demand throughout daydifficulty assessing manpower needs o Idle production capacity when supply of service exceeds demand o Service industries often use parttime wage workersProduct ElementsTotal product concept products have 3 different layers o The more complexexpensive a product the more intricate layers used to differentiate o Core product fundamental benefits derived from having product
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