Military Aviation

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1022F/G
Suzanne Kearns

Chapter 3 Military Aviation Per ardua ad astrathrough adversity to the stars th 2009 celebrate 85 anniversarydefensive peacekeeping humanitarian effortsCdn military rep as welltrained force to mitigateeffects of conflictsLester Pearson 1956 intro UN Peacekeeping forceModern History of Canadas Air Force Bill C90 Act to Amend the National Defence Act 1964 proposed by Lester B Pearson integration of administrative struction of CF under one Chief of Defence Staff CDSBill C243 Canadian Forces Reorganization Act 1966 proposed to unify 3 branches of Cdn military Canadian Army Royal Canadian Navy Royal Canadian Air Forceand implement common rankstructure Feb 1 1968 only member of Commonwealth to unify armed forces standard green uniforms replaced AFs blue uniforms unification not success lack of guidance fm govtresistance within old servicesfinancial savings never materializedequipment grew out of dateNavy most opposed to unification Air Force left with fewest resources spread across 5 commandsMaritime Mobile Air Defence Air Transport TraininLieutenantGeneral Bill Carr first commander of Air Command recognized need for change docd underutilization of air fleetrecommended formal air element of CF be reinstated 1975 AIRCOM create to restore struct to AF activities incl Army Flying CorpsNaval Fleet Air Arm1986 AF returned to blue uniforms 1997 AF consolidate aviation groups under one commandcontrol group1 Canadian Air Division Commander given Chief of Air Staffmoved to National Defence Headquarters Ottawa CDS General RJ Hillier 2005 declare initiative to reintro joint force management structure in CF wanted CF to be more effective integrated streamlinedcurrent 3 branches of military 1 MARCOM maritime 2 LFC land force 3 AIRCOM air
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