Chapter 4 Lecture and Textbook Notes

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Janine Higgins

Intentional Torts and Torts impacting BusinessSeptember 28 2011Chapter 4Plaintiff and defendantBalance of probabilitiesA TORT IS A SOCIAL WRONG Its a CIVIL CASEie When someone does something that harms someone elseWhen an intentional or careless act harms anotherThe injured party usually sues for monetary compensationThere are two types of torts1Intentional tortsDeliberate acts that cause injury or lossIntentional means you did a deliberate act2Unintentional Negligent tortsCareless or negligent acts that cause injury or lossYou do NOT need INTENT to prove a tortINTENTIONAL TORTSCourts will compensate forPhysical economic emotional and mental injuriesCourts attempt to restore victims original positionJudicial remediesSpecial damagesGeneral damagesPunitive Exemplary damages Intent matters hereVicarious liabilityLiability without personal faultImposed on employers when they are held liable for torts committed by employees during the course of their employment The employer controlled supervised and trained the workerExamplesTrespassSolving Intentional tort problemsFirst the plaintiff needs to prove the elements of the tort the onus is on the plaintiffThen it is up to the defendant to disprove the elements of the tort ANDOR offer up any defenses that are available
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