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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Cristin Keller

Business Law Chapter 2 Introduction to the Legal System Review The lawyer only gives advice as an agent he doesnt make the decisions The lawyer and the client signs a contract When looking at a problem 1 Whats the legal issue 2 What are the legal rules or principles that apply to this issue 3 Draw a legal conclusion based on this analysis Treat it like a math problemWhat is law Difficult to come up with a definition for law Definition is affected by History Theory Legal System in Place Social Realities Law is the body of rules that can be enforced by the courts or other government agencies Categories of law Substantive LawThe rules that govern behavior and set limits on conduct what you can and cant do Procedural law How rights and obligations are enforced Public lawregulates our relationship with government Private lawregulates personal social and business relationships everything else not related to government ie Public substantive law tax law criminal law municipal law Immigration law national security law Civil law Legal system Roman law Justinian codified written down modified by Napoleon
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