Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B Chapter 7: 3343 T&D Chapter 7 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Linda Eligh

TD Chapter 7 Textbook Notes White Spot In house skills upgrading program Red Seal certification = standardized certification for Cdn chefs symbol of quality takes 3 years annual monthlong classroom component can interfere with career and will sometimes leave a restaurant First to offer all the components of a full apprenticeship program in house usually only offered at institutions conducted by White Spots Corporate Training Chef increased retention Can develop their skills and pursue certification on the job without disrupting their regular work schedule and earnings On the job training trainee receives instruction training at work station from a supervisor or experienced worker Useful for small businesses (>43 of Canadian SMEs) Most common approach to training Most misused: Often not well plannedstructured, time consuming People assigned to train have no training to be trainers Potential transfer of undesirable habitsattitudes Internal trainers sometimes feel threatened by new trainees OntheJob Training (OJT) Methods OJT = trainee receives instruction at their workstation from a supervisor or an experienced co worker McD need to train thousands of new crew members every year uses a buddy system combined with hands on training and visual aid (laminated pictures to show the steps at each station as a form of visual reinforcement => higher trainee selfefficacy and performance Usual for small businesses lack of investment to conduct training Most common and most misused not well planned and structured trainers not trained not familiar with learning principles like active practice, feedback and reinforcement Bad work habits and attitudes can also be passed down Trainees might not learn the important skills if the trainers feel that they may lose their jobs to the new employees in the future Time consuming and some feel penalized because they dont get paid as much or meet their goals due to the time of training Can result in inconsistent, inefficient and ineffective training if planned then can be highly effective Study highlights the importance of building structure into OJT and the positive effect it can have on trainee learning and performance Approaches to OJT On the spot lecture = gather trainees and tell them how to do their job Viewed performancefeedback = watch the person at work and give constructive feedback eg when a sales mgr makes a call with a new salesperson Following Nellie = supervisor trains a senior employee who in turn trains new employees showing the ropes Jobaid approach = a job aid (step by step instructional video) is followed while the mg monitors performance
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