Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B Chapter 1: 3343 T&D Chapter 1 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Linda Eligh

TD Chapter 1 Textbook Notes The training development process Opening vignette: example of how to design, deliver, and evaluate t+d programs Police got 1 day mental health training with actors Goal was to improve interactions btwn officers + mentally ill individuals by improving officers empathy, communication skills, and ability to deescalate potentially difficult situations Encouraged officers to verbally express empathy, maintain eye contact, use nonthreatening body language, mirroring actors movements, and sharing nonthreatening info Want officers to see things in different light 6 months later those with training were more effective in recognizing mental health issues; 40 increase in ability to recognize, and also improvement in ability to communicate with the public and verbally deescalate situation, and in level of empathy Also used less physical forceweapons Plane crash example Crew did not have the practical strategies to reconcile their different perceptions of the situation and the first officer was not sufficiently assertive in making his case to abort the landing. The board is also urging Transport Canada to overhaul its outdated regulations regarding crew resource (CRM) training Mistake was training for half a day instead of 2, covered 38 topics Didnt provide practical strategies for decision making + problem solving, communication, and workload management Crew resource (CRM) training: team training that teaches team members to use all available resources people, info, and equipment Focuses on COMMUNICATION and DECISION MAKING Focuses on critical cognitive + interpersonal skills communication, problem solving, decision making To improve crew coordination and performance Research finds it has a + effect on attitudes, learning, and behavioural changes on the job Police shooting mentally ill people One recommendation is for officers to consider mental state and whether a person is in crisis when advancing with a sharp weapon Another is there is no fixed distance at which shooting is necessary Former Supreme Court Justice Frank Lacobucci made recommendations to improve police officers interactions with emotionally disturbedmentally ill persons in crisis situations Success + competitiveness are highly dependent on t+d Continuous learning + skill development has become a key factor o This and transfer of knowledge are key factors in fostering creativity + promoting organizational excellence, according to report by the Conference Board of Canada
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