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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3370A/B
Raymond Leduc

Chapter 22The Mgmt Control EnvironmentStrategy formulation is not a systematic activity because strategies change whenever a new opportunity to achieve goals or a new threat to attaining the goals is perceivedMgmt controlthe process by which managers influence members of the organization to implement the organizations strategies efficiently and effectivelyo Control suggests activities that ensure the work of the firm proceed as planned o Also involves planning two parts a Statement of objectivesresults that the managers should achieve in order to implement strategies b Resources required to achieve those objectivesGoals are broad usually nonquantitative longrun plans relating to the whole firm whereas objectivesare more specific quantitative shorterrun plans for individual responsibility centresAn organization is a group of individuals who work together for one or more purposesgoalsLine unitsunits whose activities are directly associated with achieving the objectives of the organization ie produce and market goodsStaff unitsunits that exist to provide support services to other units and to the CEOAn organization that operates in a relatively uncertain environment relies more on the informal judgment of its managers than on its formal mgmt control systemResponsibility accountingmgmt accounting that deals with both planned and actual accounting information about the inputs and outputs of a responsibility centre o Involves a continuous flow of information that corresponds to the continuous flow of inputsoutputs into and from the responsibility centres o Identifies the amount of costs that each of the department managers is responsible for3 dimensions of cost information o Where was the cost incurred responsibility centre dimension o For what output was the cost incurred product dimension o What type of resource was used cost element dimensionThe performance of a responsibility centre manager can
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