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Philosophy 1020 Chapter Notes -Blaise Pascal

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PHIL 1020
John Thorp

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Philosophy #15
Yes, Faith is a logical bet
4 October 2011
- Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) was a French scientist and philosopher
- he argues that if we do a cost-benefit analysis of the matter, it turns out that it is
eminently reasonable to get ourselves to believe that God exists
- regardless of whether we have good evidence for that belief
- if there is a God, he is infinitely incomprehensible
- he has no affinity to us
- we are the incapable of knowing either what he is or if he is
- it is foolish to believe there is no God
- if there was prove, Christianity wouldn't be a religion
- there is an infinitely happy life to gain if you live the right life according to God
- good sense to wage on God, nothing to lose
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