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Philosophy 2074F/G
Michael Herbert

BP WORKERS ILL TRAINED FOR DANGERS  BPs training of its workers – who operate and oversee some of the most dangerous equipment in the country – falls short of providing them with the expertise they need to safely do their jobs said a penal of experts  Operators were prompted to supervisor positions without being required to demonstrate that they understood the nits they were overseeing  There are elsewhere training too often has meant requiring workers to take self administered computer courses whilst mentoring and so called gun drills designed to simulate emergencies don’t happen often enough, the report said  Part of Bps training problems, the panel concluded stems from a lack of financial backing and workforce  Computer training is a good alternative to classroom training when it comes to general instruction but computers should not take the place of well qualified people who know the peculiarities of a specific plant’s equipment he said CASE 5 – THE RELUCTANT SECURITY GUARD  David Tuff 24, is a security guard who has been working for the past 17 months for the Blue Mountain Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota  Minnesota state and local laws require that security officers be licensed and approved by the county police department  Tuff completed the required training, passed the security guard compulsory examination and was issues a license  Tuff believed that his license could be revoked or suspended for any failure to report illegal behavior such as drunk driving and selling narcotics  14 months after Tuff joined the company Blue Mountain issues new rules of procedure outlining certain assigned duties of its security guards. These rules required security officers to order and escort intoxicated persons, including persons driving under the influence of alcohol, off its parking lots and onto the public roads. The rules did not instruct security officers to either arrest the drivers or contact or alert the police.  Tuff immediately and publicly, opposed the company’s new policy  Tuff then contacted a volunteer organization working to prevent drunk driving. At first he simply sought the organization’s interpretation of the law, but later, he voiced a specific complaint about the Blue Mountain policy. His supervisors were approached by some representatives of the volunteer organization who expressed strong opposition to Blue Mountain’s policy for security guards and treatment of drunk drivers  Tuff then contacted a local tv new stations and a local newspaper  Hernandez called tuff into his
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