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Philosophy 2083F/G
Frank Cameron

NO OTHER SOLUTION Laws of Nature - Hindered by human passions Small Groups - Balance of power easily changed Large Groups - too many cooks during war/ conflicting interests during peace Limited Governance - after awhile conflicting interests return SOVEREIGNTY AS RESPONSIBILITY - Francis Deng sovereignty is a shared responsibility responsibility: to ensure the functions of government are served - protect, provide, rights, shared: by national, sub-regional, regional, and international and non-governmental agents the right to govern without interference rests on that the state was created to serve in the first place - we assume in this position that humans are self governing Reconceptualize sovereignty from inviolability to responsibility OVERVIEW state claims to both internal and external sovereignty are only legitimate and therefore to be respected when the state itself is legitimate states are legitimate when they are responsible and internally accountable external accountability is required to ensure internal responsibility and accountability (i.e state legitimacy) global stability and the discharge of international responsibilities to all citizens as humans and those in their country INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SOVEREIGNTY Internal - think Hobbes you can do anything you want in your country External - think Westphalia, respect external sovereignty, don't tell other people what to do in their country Peace of Westphalia 1648 includes - a focus on self determination, equality of non- interference INTERNAL CONFLICT according to Deng, Internal conflict: is the primary cause of human suffering - genocide ethnic cleansing etc revolves around a crises of identity occurs when a state does or cannot fulfill its responsibilities leaves a moral vacuum - orphaned by state collapse, people move because of conflict - refugees etc. has a massive international consequences Previous concepts of sovereignty cannot respond and well to internal conflict but should INTERNAL INCAPACITY suffering also occurs when a state is JUSTIFICATIONS FOR SOVEREIGNTY even for Hobbes sovereignty is justified by reference to the good of a sovereign's subjects - leaving the state of nature - we get peace and stability for Deng the functions and responsibilities of government are to provide these goods conflict management/peace and security political stability economic growth social welfare UNDERSTANDING SOVEREIGNTY sovereignty even in its traditional sense refers not only to the inviolability of the state but to its ability to carry out its functions of government. sovereignty is not merely the right to undisturbed from without but the responsibility to perform the tasks of an effective government. normatively to claim otherwise is to lose sight of its purpose LEGITIMACY AND RESPONSIBILITY sovereignty is legitimate only when responsible. otherwise peac
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