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Philosophy 2801F/G

INTRODUCTION – THE PROJECT  Recent emphasis has been on the ideals of justice freedom and community which are invoked when evaluating political institutions and policies  Left and right are distinguished b their views and freedom and justice in the traditionally male dominated spheres of government  Communitarians believe that evaluating political institutions cannot be a matter of judging them against some independent a historical standard  Alongside the older appeal to equality socialism and liberty libertarianism political theories now appeal to the ultimate values of contractual agreement or the common good  One traditional aim of political philosophy was to find coherent and comprehensive rules for deciding between conflicting political values  Political philosophy is drowning in its own success  Dworkins view, every plausible political theory has the same ultimate value, which is equality  Egalitarian theory we means a theory which supports an equal distribution of income  Egalitarian theories require that the government treat its citizens with equal consideration  Not every political theory ever invented is egalitarian in this broad sense  Traditional view tells us that the fundamental argument in political theory is whether to accept equality as a value, revised view tells us that the fundamental argument is not whether to accept equality but how best to interpret it A NOTE ON METHOD  Evaluating a particular account of the nature of political philosophy, evaluating substantive
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