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Philosophy 3601F/G
Michael Fox

THE SHINING BARRIER  Making links between us, there was a growing excitement of discovery  Remarkable love. It is remarkableness lay, not in our falling quite desperately in love – many have experienced that glory – but in what we made o that love.  The pagan love made invulnerable by means of the Shining Barrier  We were hesitant to admit our love even to ourselves at first: it was too soon; one must be cool; one must be weary  So with the genuine inloveness – a sudden glory – we were too overwhelmed by the glory  Our love of course seemed to us a miracle. First love always does  If we were caught up in love, we were no less caught up in beauty, the mystery of beauty  This idea of the burden of possessions we held to  Central secret of enduring love: sharing – those sharings just happened to be; but what we must do now is share everything  Through sharing we would not only make a bond of incredible friendship, but through sharing we would keep the magic of inloveness  The Shining Barrier – the shield of our love, it was our love itself, made strong within  The failure of love might seem to be caused by hate or boredom or unfaithfulness with a lover; b
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