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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

CREDU UT INTELLEGAM  What is distinctive in the biblical text is the conviction that there is a profound and indissoluble unity between the knowledge of reason and the knowledge of faith  Reason and faith cannot be separated without diminishing the capacity of men and women to know themselves, the world and God is an appropriate way  The desire for knowledge is so great and it works in such a way that the human heart, despite its experience of insurmountable limitations, yearns for the infinite riches which lie beyond, knowing that there is to be found the satisfying answer to every question as yet unanswered  Reason must realize that human knowledge is a journey which allows not rest; the second sterns from the awareness that such a path is not for the proud who think that everything is the fruit of personal conquest; a third rule is grounded in the fear of god, whose transcendent sovereignty and provident love in the gov
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