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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FAITH AND REASON  One of the major concerns of classical philosophy was to purify human notions of god of mythological elements  But it was the task of the fathers of philosophy to bring to light the link between reason and religion  Christianity’s engagement with philosophy was therefore neither straightforward nor immediate  In dismantling barriers of race, social status and gender, Christianity proclaimed from the first the equality of all men and women before god  I thought it more modest and not in the least misleading to be told by the church to believe what could not be demonstrated – whether that was because a demonstration existed but could not be understood by all or whether the matter was not one open to rational proof  Indicates the critical consciousness with which Christian thinkers from the first confronted the problem of the relationship between faith and philosophy  Reason could rise to the higher planes of thought, providing a solid foundation for the perception of being, of the transcendent and of the absolute  Recognition of the points of convergence did not blind them to the points of divergence  Reason in fact is not asked to pass judgment on the contents of faith, something of which it would be incapable intellect must seek that which it loves: the more it loves, the more it desires to know  The desire for the truth, therefore, spurs reason always to go further; indeed, it is as if reason were overwhelmed to see that it can always go beyond what it has already achieved  If that which until now has been a matter of debate concerning the highest essence has been established on the basis of due reasoning, then the foundation of
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