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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

Jeremiah Pariag250574845Case Study Restructuring the Regional OfficeIn the restructuring of the Pacific Regional Offices of Fisheries and Oceans Canada FOC it is evident that Allan Campbell has the most challenging assignment Allan Campbells team will be merging with Deborah Horaces team which will create an extremely different work setting than what was previously seen in Campbells previous team Campbells previous team was very efficient in terms of production however Horaces team has a very poor track record and has not made any major improvements Because of this Allan Campbells assignment is very difficult Because Campbell has to deal with the merger in general manage subpar employees and increase production he undoubtedly has the most difficult assignmentFirstly Allan Campbell must deal with the fact that his team is about to get much larger which means that his personal workload would be heavily increased which is difficult situation for any one in a management role Though Campbell has proven himself to
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