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Political Science
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Political Science 2246E
Ross Gibbons

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Jeremiah Pariag250574845Case Study The GrifterExplain why you think Graham Collins did or did not manage new employee Natalie Jenkins effectivelyIn the case of The Grifter it is clear that Graham Collins did not manage the new employee Natalie Jenkins effectively at all Natalie Jenkins is a subordinate employee within the public sector and because she comes highly recommended from a wellknown and respected nongovernmental organization NGO much was expected from her performance After several months minimal progress was made and her work ethic commitment to the public sector efficiency and more were all questionable at best Because Jenkins is a subordinate employee under Graham Collins it is fair to question whether or not he performed his role as a superior effectively After a thorough examination it is evident that Graham Collins did not manage Jenkins effectively because he was nonconfrontational in regards to her inappropriate actions he inhibited her behavior and he made crucial poor management decisionsFirst of all Collins allowed Jenkins poor behavior to continue by acting in a noncon
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