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Political Science
Political Science 3205F/G
Richard Vande Wetering

THE ATINGA DEVELOPMENT MODEL  The object of economic development is to raise the living standard of the average African  There is a treasure trove of valuable knowledge embedded in Atinga’s traditional system that the elite can discover, extract and still use  The fancy gadgetry the elites imported for Africa’s development journey has all gone belly up  African peasant farmers do need better technology to increase their productivity but the operative principle here should be keep it simple stupid  The important considerations here are practicality, functionality, economy and results VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT MODEL  The village model starts at the village level with the assumption that there is peace, order and economic freedom  Is to mobilize capital for investment. Capital can be raised through participation in and modernization of existing revolving credit schemes – microfinance  The vast majority of Africa’s conflicts are intra-state in origin, they are about political power – power to plunder resources  Africas own indigenous conflict resolution mechanism provides a better approach. It requires four parties: An arbiter, the two combating parties and civil society or those directly and indirectly affected by the conflict  Traditional African jurisprudence lays more emphasis on healing and restoring social harmony and peace than punishing the guilty  If Africa’s traditional courts can be useful in conflict resolution, then Africa’s traditional chiefs can be useful in the economic development of the Atingas  Higher transport costs raise the prices farmers must charge, reducing their competitiveness in both domestic and international markets  The decentralized approach to leadership has not only prevented political violence but has also reduced crime  In traditional Africa, a family is held collectively liable  The development committee is made up of community members and headmen  Thus the village development council knows and can respond to the developmental needs of the people BUILDING MARKETS  The market is the nerve center of traditional Africa, where important commercial, religious and even political activities take place  Indigenous markets still do exist in Africa but are not well organized  Anybody who has been to rural Africa would affirm that the poor –mostly women are overworked  Problems at the roadside are really investment opportunities  Another idea is to build a simple food mart with stalls for locally prepared food. A food market set some distance aaway from the road pro
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